The Honeycrisp Story

Apples are crunchy, crisp and juicy because your teeth are actually
rupturing the cell walls
when you bit into them; this releases the juice inside the cells.

The crunchier an apple is, the firmer the cell walls are held together.

As apples get older, the "cement" that holds the cell walls tightly together begins to weaken.
When this happens the cells in the flesh of the apple no longer rupture
but actually slide apart from each other.
This makes the apple no longer crisp and crunchy, but mealy.

Honeycrisp is unique in that the cells are twice as large as other apples!
When you bite into a Honeycrisp they are extremely crisp and the juice almost dribbles
out of your mouth because there is so much more juice in a single cell
(remember... the cells are bigger).

Because the cells are bigger they rupture more easily as opposed to sliding apart...
that is why Honeycrisp stay crisp so much longer than any other apple.
(it is the rupturing of the cells that give an apple its crisp crunchiness).

Honeycrisp apples are truly amazing!

Honeycrisp are a tremendous value.
Sometimes apples get discarded because they have become mealy.
Honeycrisp will survive and thrive well beyond
any other apple
you currently use.
Because of this you will actually EAT more of the produce you buy
and discard dramatically less fruit.

Try this experiment.... buy some Honeycrisp and then buy any other apple that you think is the best apple sold. Leave both these apples on a shelf at room temperature for two weeks. Then go back and eat the apples. My case will be proven... Honeycrisp it is the most exciting apple you will eat!
(By the way... it is my discovery that when you get Honeycrisp...
they are so delicious and crisp that they don't stay around long enough to do this experiment.
If you can resist eating them all you will find out they are truly
the most exciting apple you have ever eaten!)

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