Variety Listing
Our current
Braeburn: Medium to large truncate fruit. Sweet/tart flavor rated outstanding in all years by majority of testers. It develops as a green hue apple with red stripes developing late. It has a creamy flesh color with a crisp juicy firm texture and excellent flavor. Fruit matures late in the season around the first of November.
Cameo is becoming a popular apple due to its pleasing red stripe over a golden yellow blended color. It was found as a chance seedling in Wenatchee, Washington. Red Delicious is likely one of its parents. It tastes as good as it looks with a sweet and lightly tart crunch that invites you to enjoy more. This apple store and handles well. The creamy white flesh show virtually no browning when cut. The fruit matures late October.
RedCort or Cortland has a purplish blush over a light green background. It is the apple most often used in Waldorf salads because if its very white flesh that resist browning after it is cut. Cortland is very crunchy in its season. If it is not stored properly it can develop a waxy coating over the apple. This fruit matures in late September.
Crispin is a cross between Indo and Golden Delicious. It was formerly known as Mutsu and produces large to very large yellow green apples that may have a light red blush. It has pronounced lenticels. This apple is known for it superb flavor and also is great for baking. (Homemakers like it because its large size requires less peeling) This apple matures in late October.
Red Delicious is America's most popular apple. In addition to the fruits beautiful color, it is an extremely typey apple. The fruit is crisp and juicy. The flesh is cream white and sweet. It matures in mid-October.
Empire is superior to its super popular parents... McIntosh and Red Delicious. It's deep red color is slightly stripy over a greenish background. The fruit is medium in size. Empire has outstanding flavor. Its white flesh packs a powerful crunch. This is an ideal apple for out of hand eating. They are harvested in mid October.
Fortune is an exciting new apple crossed from Schoharie Spy and Empire bred by the Geneva Experiment Station. The fruit is large with an attractive burgundy red on green. These flavorful apples have a spicy flavor with a creamy colored flesh. They ripen with Empire.
Crimson Gala is a sport of Gala (Gala originated in New Zealand from Kid's Orange crossed with Golden Delicious). The round conic fruit is small to medium. With a red stripe on red. The cream colored flesh has a very sweet aromatic flavor. The season begins the first of September.
Honeycrisp is clearly the most exciting apple grown. Honeycrisp was developed at the University of Minnesota by crossing a Macoun with Honeygold. The fruit is explosively crisp and maintains it crispness far beyond any other apple. It has a pleasant honey sweet flavor. The oblate rounded fruit is large and has a red color over a yellowish background. This apple is clearly the most exciting apple we grow. It is harvested in early October.
Jonagold was produced from a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. It has large round conic fruit with superb flavor packed in its creamy yellow flesh. The apple is yellow with red stripes and is often poorly colored. It ripen unevenly with the first fruit available in early October.
McIntosh the Johnny Appleseed apple. The fruit is round and conical with a deep red blush covering a green background. The white flesh has a crisp sweet tart flavor. The fruit ripens in mid September.
Macoun has a purplish burgundy color covering a greenish background. Macouns are very crisp and are a little flatter than McIntosh in shape. They have a very distinctive flavor and are very juicy. They ripen about a week after McIntosh.
Sansa is an apple developed in Japan with help from New Zealand. It is a cross between Akane and Gala. It is a medium to large apple with an attractive red blush on yellow with a conical shape. It has a uniquely delicious flavor with crunchy creamy juicy flesh. It ripens late August.
Suncrisp is a large golden yellow apple with a slight attractive red blush that was crossed from Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious. The flesh is yellow and juicy and has a snappy crisp texture. It has a full rich spicy exciting flavor. It store exceptionally well. The fruit ripens in early October.